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22 October 2014

Jason came to our rescue at short notice when our pond pump broke, he went out of his way to provide a fantastic service and gave us great advice too. He's a really knowledgeable man. Highly recommended.

Joanne, Gloucester


18 October 2014

Having used Oakview Aquatics for a recent move - I feel compelled to review what a truly fantastic service we received and as I said on the day - we really couldn't have managed it without them.

From their friendly demeanor, organisation and support the day was made so much easier for my partner and I, we had 3 good sized tanks, cold water, tropical and a marine - with some 700ltrs of water to move, some 30+ fish, invertebrates and sand/gravel and rock - all of which were handled professionally and with speed and care.


Now the tanks have settled - I can report all our scapes are better than when they were initially constructed, the tanks are back to looking healthy and the most important bit - not a single loss of life.


I can wholeheartedly recommend the service and although I never plan to move again - I would use them without doubt.

Joseph Willis, Dursley


09 October 2014

Jason did a massive day’s work to restore our sizeable pond back to a water feature from having become something of a landmass.  He took care with the wildlife and replaced a suitable amount of the water lilies as well as setting things up for the replacement of the broken pump/water feature.  Now, some months on, the lillies have established themselves and we’re ready for the next phase, so we hope to see him back.  Great job and a lovely chap to have around.

Julie - Cirencester


26 September 2014

Hi Jason, I just wanted to send you an email to say a massive thank you for moving the Fish tank today. You did such an amazing job and you really did take a whole load of stress off our shoulders, and I can't begin to say how grateful we are and how much we appreciate the job that you did. See you in a few weeks, just let me know which works out to be the best date for you. We can then book a date for you to come and do a maintenance visit next month. Thanks again Jason.

Kerry Frazer - Stroud



15 March 2013  

Jason completely overhauled our tanks, revealing their showpiece potential. Oakview provide a friendly and well informed service.

Greg Pilley - Stroud


11 March 2013

Jason is not only professional but has a keen sense of design. Previous owners had cemented in sections of a large pond that was crowded and uninteresting. Jason reopened one section to give the pond balance in its location, introduced lighting, updated oxygenization kit, created a small waterfall and simplified plantings. We are now captivated by the activity, variety and evening light show.

Judith Grey - New York / holiday cottage in the UK


5 Mar 2013

Three years ago when we moved to our present address the pond was in a dreadful state. Jason completely cleared it out for us, installed new equipment and lights, seeing to the fish and totally transforming their environment. Since then he has come back two years running to give the pond a spring clean. We are totally satisfied with Jason's service and highly recommend him.

Tony Kitt - Bristol


25 Feb 2013

Brilliant. Would highly recommend Jason and his great service. Always easy to deal with, quick to respond to texts and messages and really knowledgable about his subject. Uesd his services for several years now.

Joff Elphick - Cirencester


25th Feb 2013

Our company have used Jason from Oakview Aquatics for several years now and he has always been very helpful, friendly and efficient. 2 years ago when we came back to work after the Christmas break we found we had lost everything in the tank due to a power cut. Jason helped us rebuild the tank again. This took him quite some time but it is looking splendid now.

Thank you Jason keep up the good work.

Chris engineering company - Stroud


24th Feb 2013

I have used Jason from Oakview Aquatics on a regular basis for build and more importantly maintenance, I have always found him punctual and pleasant to deal with, he is very knowledgeable from the pond or tank to anything that you choose to go in them. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the company.

Steve Sarson - Chippenham


10th Feb 2013

Jason has rebuilt my marine fish tank from the sump up, literally, to a very high standard. He has also shown me where I was going wrong in certain aspects of marine fish keeping in a pleasant and polite way.

Jason will be maintaining the aquarium from now on.

Company response : Thankyou for your kind words, its a pleasure to be able to help.

Mr Chubb - Cirencester


9 Mar 2011

Words cannot describe how much we appreciated the care advice and service we received from Jason.

We recently moved house and used Oakview Aquatic Services to relocate our Marine Tank.

The service we received was worth every penny.

A traumatic day was made easier by the care and help of Jason

We will use the services offered by the company again although not another house relocation.

Oakview deserve our grateful Thanks and the highest rating possible

Thanks Jason

Sylvia and Trevor

Trevor Bayes - Cheltenham


16 Jan 2010

Our existing pond was leaking , silted up , overgrown and reduced to a pond-weed infested deep puddle. The prodigious energy needed to dig out and remove the smelly debris ,of roots and intertwined plants and thick mud was acheived rapidly, and in a few days a new liner and paving surrounds were in place. All wild life existing ( newts , frogs, etc ) were meanwhile kept safe for replacing as soon as possible in their new home. All this was acheived with humour , efficiency and professionalism . I was impressed .

Mrs Jenny Robbins - Monmouth


15 Jan 2010

2 years ago,Oakview Aquatics advised me and very professionally fitted a new UVfilter,pump & fountain in my very large outdoor pond. It has been fantastic and since then they have been on hand for any routine maintenance or queries I have had. The knowledge & work provided is of an exceptional high standard.I would certainly recommend their services.

Patricia Brew - Bristol


13 Jan 2010

At the end of the day Jason must have lost money dealing with me, he saved me time and effort with his help setting up my tropical tank. Nothing seemed too much trouble and he was so cheerful and really enjoys his work and it shows in his attitude

Andy Pritchard - Gloucester


13 Jan 2010

I am always happy to recomend Oakview Aquatics to my customers as the standard of work and advice they receive reflects well on me!

Ian Whitburn - Mitcheldean


13 Jan 2010

Oakview Aquatic Services provide an excellent personalised service. They are extremely well versed on ALL matters relating to Garden Ponds. They installed a state of the art garden pump and filter box for my pond without any problems at all.

They always come when they say they will and that is a rarity these days.

Brian Harford - Woodgrove Tutorials - Newent


13 Jan 2010

Without Oakview Aquatic Services fish keeping would be difficult & costly, they gave me a friendly & helpful service that I was happy to pay for. Without doubt I will use them time and time again.

Peter Bonner - Gloucester


13 Jan 2010

Jason came and rescued my fathers pond last year. The pond had been negleted for some time, but after Oakview Aquatics had finished, its now the best feature in an already beautiful garden. Thanks Jason, its great to know your'e around with such a good service.

Paul James - Lydney


13 Jan 2010

The company cleaned and planted my koi pond and has regularly kept the pond up to scratch. The service was very prompt, friendly, reasonably priced and provided by an expert.

David Clifford - Lydney














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